Monday, August 8, 2011

Winter Wins TNA Knockouts Championship

Orlando, FL. - Just four days after winning the WILD World Championship in Las Vegas, Winter defeated Mickie James at the "Hardcore Justice" Pay-Per-View to capture the TNA/Impact Knockouts Championship.
Congratulations to Winter on becoming a double World Champion this week! Leave your comments here and tell her what you think of this turn of events.


  1. Hey Winter,

    Congratulation on your epic week that you have had this past week. Being double champion is a special honor have here. I support you 100% with WILD and of course. Best of luck in your title runs.

    Meagan (MeaganG1990)

  2. Awesome she will make a great champion ;)

  3. Winter, you're just amazing and I hope you know that! I know that you deserve to be a champion and being 2 champions just makes you even more amazing <3 I'm so glad you're being recognized for the wrestler you really are because you're fantastic and you could translate this into German with a blink of an eye which is more than a lot of people can do. You're smart, unique and an awesome wrestler so keep it going girl and don't let anyone get you down, they'll just be jealous! I can't wait to see more of you on my laptop and TV screen!

  4. Awesome!
    This summer ending will be very interesting! :D

  5. I was one of the fans who was extremely excited to see Winter's initial appearance in TNA. Her run in WWE was very similar to other top Divas where WWE creative apparently had no clue how to utilize them. This is one area where I believe TNA shines and I am proud that Winter has earned both the WILD and TNA championships. She will be a very strong champion and will repeatedly prove why she was deserving of these top honors. WAY TO GO WINTER!!!