Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WILDAwards - 2011 Match of the Year

Here are the nominees for the 2012 WILD Match of the Year. As always, you may vote for your favorite in the poll to the left of the site.

Amanda vs. Lucky O'Shea (IWL - Chino, CA. 1/21/11)

Aiden Riley vs. Tab Jackson (IWL - Chino, CA. 2/25/11)

Tab Jackson vs. Winter (Freak Show Wrestling - Las Vegas, NV. 8/4/11)
***Footage Unavailable***

Terra Calaway vs. Buggy (LuchaPro - Los Angeles, CA. 8/21/11)

Terra Calaway vs. Winter (EPIC WAR - Long Beach, CA. 12/10/11)

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