Sunday, October 21, 2012


WILD Wrestling will return in 2013...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Terra Calaway Leaves WILD!

Las Vegas, NV. - Today on Twitter, it was revealed that WILD's reigning North American Champion, Terra Calaway and WILD Wrestling have parted ways.

@TerraCalaway wrote the following.

To my dear WILD fans, I regret to inform you that WILD and Terra Calaway have parted ways. I hope you continue to support the ladies...
... like you always have and I hope you continue to support me in my other bookings and adventures. I wish WILD the best and hope they...
... really take off into an amazing product. I just won't be part of it at this time. Best wishes.

@WILD_Wrestling also tweeted about the matter.

 & WILD Wrestling have parted ways. We thank her for her time, effort and work during the last year. Good luck at
As a result, the WILD North American Championship is now vacant. We will let you all know what our plans for the title are soon.
This was an amicable split for reasons that I will not discuss, but if it is right for both parties, we'd love to have her back.
Promoters: you can't go wrong with her. Book  for your show before she gets snatched up by one of the big 2.
As you can all see, there's a lot happening here right now. We are in the middle of restructuring a lot of things. We are not done, but...
There are about to be a lot of changes around WILD. Stay tuned.

Jessicka Havok, who had not yet made her first appearance for WILD has also left the roster.

Monday, April 23, 2012

APEX PRO: Year One - This Sunday!

Huntington Park, CA. - Apex Pro, a WILD Affiliate Company, will hold its first event this Sunday, April 29th, 2012. Although there will be no WILD action at this show, we will be working with them closely in the very near future. WILD North American Champion Terra Calaway will be there as well.  Here is the list of matches scheduled for "Apex Pro: Year One."

  • Apex Pro Golden State Battle Royal, featuring Sam Knight, Ricki De La Paz, Darkside, Dragon Mask, Sindarin, Cyanide, Lucha Machine, Lestat and many more...
  • El Jefe and Terra Calaway vs. Tyler Bateman and Raze
  • Ridiculously Bigg vs. Sexy Chino and Gregory Sharpe
  • Vintage Dragon vs. Jarek Matthews vs. Peter Avalon
  • SoCal Crazy vs. Brandon Gatson
  • Brian Kendrick, Blood Eagle and Labyrinth vs. Thunderwolf, Freddy Bravo and Sheik Khan Abadi
There will also be a tribute to Los Chivos and a chance to win $100.

For more information, go to

Good luck on your inaugural show, Apex Pro! We'll see you next time!

Monday, April 2, 2012

WILDMania II - Ashley's Pick

Our final WILDMania II entry comes from WILD Co-General Manager Ashley Massaro. Speaking to us by phone from Miami, Ashley told us her favorite WILD match.

"I'd definitely have to pick Katarina vs. Tab Jackson (from Las Vegas in August, 2011). I've known Katarina for years, from back when we were with the WWE and it was great that she won the WILD World Championship. She really deserves everything she gets. And Tab really put up a fight. It was a great match."

Unfortunately, the footage for that match is still unavailable (it should be viewable soon) so instead, we will show you footage of Ashley at that OTHER show with Mania in the title. This is from WWE's Wrestlemania 24. And if you look closely, you will also see Katarina among the lumberjills.

WILDMania - Jeff Meacham's Pick

Jeff Meacham, the Media Relations coordinator of WILD Wrestling, has made his pick for WILDMania II.

My favorite match in WILD history is the triple threat match in which Lucky O’Shea defeated defending champion The Fabulous Thunderkitty and Liz Savage to become the new WILD World Champion. I enjoyed this match for several reasons. I had the honor of doing color commentary on this match with the infamous Kris Kloss, which is always an adventure! I also had the privilege of raising Lucky’s hand upon her victory, which was a long time coming, as I was there in Lucky’s early days in the industry and was so proud of her!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

WILDMania II - Travis' Pick

Travis Leland, the founder, owner and co-General Manager of WILD, had to get in on this.

"My favorite match is the very first one, Chloe vs. Kiara Dillon in May, 2010. It was an experiment that has really paid off and it laid the groundwork for what came after. And it was a pretty good match, too."

Saturday, March 31, 2012

WILDMania II - Stephen Marsh's Pick

Stephen Marsh is the president of the WILD Fan Club and the mind behind the @WILDFANCLUB Twitter account. He is the Head Minion of Ohio and a longtime supporter of everything WILD. Although not a part of the inner workings of the company, he is on friendly terms with everyone in the organization and often buys WILD t-shirts and sends them to other fans.

So we figured Marsh would be a great addition to WILDMania. We asked him what his favorite match in WILD history was.

"Tab Jackson vs. Aiden Riley (from February 25, 2011) is my favorite match. Not only was it a good match, but it is when Katarina debuted. And it's the first WILD match I ever saw."

It looks like after he saw this match, he was hooked for life. So it definitely deserves a place in WILDMania II.