Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Terra Calaway Leaves WILD!

Las Vegas, NV. - Today on Twitter, it was revealed that WILD's reigning North American Champion, Terra Calaway and WILD Wrestling have parted ways.

@TerraCalaway wrote the following.

To my dear WILD fans, I regret to inform you that WILD and Terra Calaway have parted ways. I hope you continue to support the ladies...
... like you always have and I hope you continue to support me in my other bookings and adventures. I wish WILD the best and hope they...
... really take off into an amazing product. I just won't be part of it at this time. Best wishes.

@WILD_Wrestling also tweeted about the matter.

 & WILD Wrestling have parted ways. We thank her for her time, effort and work during the last year. Good luck at
As a result, the WILD North American Championship is now vacant. We will let you all know what our plans for the title are soon.
This was an amicable split for reasons that I will not discuss, but if it is right for both parties, we'd love to have her back.
Promoters: you can't go wrong with her. Book  for your show before she gets snatched up by one of the big 2.
As you can all see, there's a lot happening here right now. We are in the middle of restructuring a lot of things. We are not done, but...
There are about to be a lot of changes around WILD. Stay tuned.

Jessicka Havok, who had not yet made her first appearance for WILD has also left the roster.


  1. Ashley Nova, Buggy MassaroMay 14, 2012 at 2:35 PM

    Terra was cool, I watched some of her matches, she had a good feud with Buggy and a good match with Winter too, but the Important Is that we still have Ashley and Buggy, but when will Ash wrestle on WILD? I miss her

  2. Fuck both of those bitches. Typical Indy trash. Get better, expect better, demand better....

  3. I am big fan of Terra , And I love this blog and wild wrestling,I love to visit again to see new updates at here, Thanks a Lot

  4. Botchley Massaro or Buggy Nova ?
    Well, Buggy had, at least, ONE good match and it was with Calaway