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WILD Wrestling Volume 1: "Into the WILD"
A look back at the first two years of the World Independent Ladies' Division. See our (admittedly not-so-great) early days, and watch as we grew into the most talked about, fastest-growing, and exciting all-female sports-entertainment company in America. See the humble origins of the global phenomenon that is WILD Wrestling
Featuring the following matches...
1. Chloe vs. "Krazy" Kiara Dillon
2. Chloe vs. "The NY Knockout" Nikki (with Lizzy Valentine)
3. Chloe vs. The Fabulous Thunderkitty
4. The Fabulous Thunderkitty vs. "Krazy" Kiara Dillon
5. "The NY Knockout" Nikki vs. "The Bloodthirsty Vixen" Amanda (with Katie Locke)
6. Lucky O'Shea vs. Liz Savage vs. The Fabulous Thunderkitty
7. Aiden Riley vs. Tab Jackson (Featuring WILD debut of Winter/Katarina)
8. Amanda vs. Lucky O'Shea III
9. Amanda vs. Lucky O'Shea IV
10. Allison Danger vs. Terra Calaway
11. Terra Calaway vs. Buggy Nova

Also featuring the WILD Debut of Ashley Massaro!

All this for only $10.00 USD (plus $2.00 S&H).  You can't get a better value!  That's less than a dollar a match!  So what are you waiting for? 

Women's Apparel

Women's Tank Top (WILD Logo - Color or B&W)
$18.00 S-XL/$21.00 XXL

Women's Fitted T-Shirt (WILD Logo - Color or B&W)
$24.00 S-XL

Women's T-Shirt (WILD Logo - Color or B&W)
$20.00 S-XL/$23.00 XXL

Women's Zip Hoodie (WILD Logo - Color or B&W)
$35.00 S-XL/$38.00 XXL

Men's Apparel

Men's T-Shirt (WILD Logo - Color or B&W)
$20.00 S-XL/$23.00 XXL-4XL

Men's Hoodie (WILD Logo - Color or B&W)
$35.00 S-XL/$38.00 XXL

Men's Jersey (WILD Logo - Color or B&W)
$22.00 S-XL/$25.00 XXL


WILD Logo Cap (Color or B&W)

WILD Logo Tote Bag (Color or B&W)

WILD Logo Mug (Color Only)

WILD Logo Wall Clock (Color Only)

WILD Logo SIGG Water Bottle (Color Only)