Saturday, January 15, 2011

WILD Now Covered by Diva Dirt!

Los Angeles, CA. - Diva Dirt, one of the largest and most well-known female wrestling news websites in the world, has begun to cover WILD Wrestling. News releases, match results and other items will be reported on by this major site.

WILD Owner Travis Leland is excited at this development.

"I've been trying very hard over the last few months to get WILD seen by the larger internet wrestling community," said Leland. "Our very survival as a company depends on getting our brand out there to the world and having them see the product that we are offering."

Within hours of WILD's first mention on the site at, website statistics show hundreds of hits from 12 countries, all linking from Diva Dirt.

We at WILD want to thank the staff of Diva Dirt for all they do in promoting professional women's wrestling and for showing support for WILD.

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