Monday, February 14, 2011

Los Angeles, CA. - The day after the controversial 2 out of 3 Falls Match, "The Bloodthirsty Vixen" Amanda and WILD Owner Travis Leland went on the Steel Cage Radio Show and discussed the entire situation.

Mr. Leland has decided to take her case before the board of directors in an attempt to reinstate Amanda into the World Independent Ladies' Division. Amanda has agreed to let Mr. Leland represent her.

Below is a link to listen to the full SCR podcast. PARENTAL ADVISORY - STRONG LANGUAGE.


  1. Ok, I finally got to listen to this broadcast. First of all, the male host of the show needs to settle the hell down at the top of the program. Dude came out with more swear words than a Navy convention. Brotha, it's just wrestling!

    Now, onto the issue at hand. I've said it on Twitter, I've said it on Facebook. I don't give a goddamn what legal paperwork or California-issued ID or whatever Amanda possesses. She ... was ... born ... a ... MAN! She's not eligible to win a WOMEN'S belt, let alone work for a WOMEN'S company!

    Lucky O'Shea remains champion, and she will until Travis and his committee can figure out someone to take her down. Focus on THAT, Travis, not someone who doesn't know who he/she is.

  2. amanda can do what she wants,the last time i checked it was a free country.. if it werent for her you'd be on your internet feeding of youre bull that goes on on youre one percent demographic web site. lol amanda by far is the most talented and unique of all the ladies in wild or in pro wrestling.. she puts over any wrestler she wrestles so to not have her in wild would suck for more then half of the ladies on the roster because they cant work or yet alone sell. amanda is the coolest thing to happen to pro wrestling in a very very very long time.. kudos to her and i hope to see her in the wwe or tna real soon