Monday, January 24, 2011


CHINO, CA. - Controversy and tension reigned at the end of the WILD World Championship match last Friday at IWL in Chino.

"The Bloodthirsty Vixen" Amanda defeated Lucky O'Shea in a 2 of 3 Falls Match for the WILD World Championship. The referee raised Amanda's hand in victory as her theme music played. Amanda's manager, Katie Locke, hugged her in the ring. The audience cheered. It was the perfect ending to a great story. Amanda finally got her shot at the title and finally defeated Lucky O'Shea.

At this point, O'Shea grabbed the referee and told him something, which caused him to call WILD Owner Travis Leland into the ring for a discussion. A hush fell over the packed American Legion Hall as Leland, Amanda, the referee and other WILD and IWL officials argued and discussed...something.

Leland went to Amanda and asked her if "it was true." She said it was. Leland went back to the huddle for more discussions. A few moments later, IWL ring announcer Tony Graziano made the following announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Amanda is the winner of the 2 Out of 3 Falls Match, but some new information has arisen. Although Amanda is the winner of the match, due to a violation of a core rule of the World Independent Ladies' Division, she is ineligible to compete for the title. So Your WILD World Champion is STILL Lucky O'Shea!"

The audience erupted in both cheers and boos, and a chant of "We Want Answers" began. Amanda and Katie were visibly upset by the decision. Amanda even went so far as to hit a nasty DDT on the champion before leaving the ring.

So what rule did Amanda break?

"She didn't exactly break any rules," said Leland by phone the following day, "but Lucky told me something, and Amanda confirmed it, that disqualified Amanda from challenging for the WILD World Championship."

"The fact of the matter is that this is the World Independent Ladies' Division. Any woman in any company in the world can challenge for the title. That is the core foundation of this company. And the truth is that Amanda is not exactly a woman."

Amanda is actually a transgendered person. She was born male, and from an early age identified as female. As she grew, Amanda began hormone therapy and cosmetic procedures to begin her transformation to female. Since first appearing on the professional wrestling scene nearly two years ago, Amanda has wrestled as a woman in numerous companies.

But the fact remains that Amanda is genetically male. This raises many questions about transgendered people in professional sports.

"What if a guy went through a sex change and played in the WNBA" asked one WILD Warrior who wishes to remain anonymous. "The still have the physicality of a man. That could be an unfair advantage."

Leland spoke with Amanda backstage after everything had calmed down. One of our producers wanted to capture the conversation on her cell phone. Here is the video...

Leland has promised to represent Amanda to the WILD Championship Committee. If he can get a majority vote within the board, the rule can be changed allowing Amanda to compete in WILD. Until then, Amanda is suspended. We will keep our fans updated on the latest developments in this story.


  1. I have to agree with the anonymous warrior! "What if a guy went through a sex change and played in the WNBA" asked one WILD Warrior who wishes to remain anonymous. "They still have the physicality of a man. That could be an unfair advantage."

  2. looks like shes trying to be shelly if you ask me

  3. she has more balls then any man i know! i love you amanda and dont let anyone put you down, youre the hottest of all the girls on wild

  4. Getting a sex change isn't like some guy just randomly decides to get one. There is a whole process from diagnoses, to therapy, to meetings with committees and health professionals.

    Also, transsexuals are allowed to compete in the Olympics, in the LPGA, and in any IAAF sport. The current research in endocrinology shows that male-to-female transsexuals do not pose a significant physical advantage over other competitors, so the people at WILD need to see that this is okay. Also respecting one's privacy has been provoked here. If I were Amanda, I would seek legal action.

    See the following athletes for further information and stories:

    Michelle Dumaresq
    Mianne Bagger

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