Friday, January 7, 2011

Entire WILD Library Online For Free!

Los Angeles - For a limited time, WILD is making its entire library available to view for free. In anticipation of our upcoming shift to pay-to-download sites and DVD sales, we are letting you see everything from 2010 here on the site.

We've redesigned the "Complete Results" page. Under every match description, you will see not only the match, but every promo, interview and shout-out that surrounded it as well. These will only be available for a short time longer, so watch it all while you can.

Watch Chloe become the first-ever WILD World Champion.
Watch the classic match between Nikki and Amanda for the #1 Contendership.
Watch the 3-Way Elimination Match that crowned a new World Champion.

All of it.

In a short time, all our matches will be removed from YouTube and will only be available on ClickWrestle and DVD.


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