Tuesday, January 4, 2011

News, Notes and Rumors

By Steve Jameson

* 2010 is over now, and it's time to tally up some of the numbers here on the (yet-again) redesigned WILD website.

- Between the launch of the site in June and now, this website has been visited 8,965 times.

- We've gotten hits from over 80 countries, but the top ten have been...
1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. Mexico
5. Australia
6. Italy
7. Slovenia
8. Ireland
9. Germany
10. France

- October saw the most hits on the site: 2881.

* 2010, our first year of existence, saw the WILD World Championship make its way to five different indy feds in California. 2011 looks to be a year of expansion. We are currently in talks with companies in Arizona, Texas, Kentucky, Nevada and Oregon to take the WILD World Championship on the road even more.

* WILD World Champion Lucky O'Shea is becoming very popular. Not only is she seen in WILD, but has been featured numerous times on NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood against some stiff competition. Now it appears that her background in lucha libre could be getting her even more work. Word has it that an up and coming lucha federation in Southern California has shown some interest in bringing both Lucky and WILD to their fans.

* "The Bloodthirsty Vixen" Amanda has been chomping at the bit to have her match against Christina Von Eerie. Following the events at IWL back in September, Amanda has been training non-stop for her shot at CVE. But Von Eerie has left Southern California for Florida. Von Eerie has promised to come back for this long-anticipated match, but her busy schedule has been conflicting with Amanda's.
"Don't worry," said Von Eerie when I asked her about it, "I haven't forgotten about Amanda. I'll be back to put her in her place."
In the meantime, Amanda will be working some matches for WILD while she prepares for the showdown.
"I have a plan," said Amanda. "I think that if I have a certain title belt around my beautiful little waist, I'll have an advantage when Von Eerie finally comes to town. She'll stare across the ring and see me with something she doesn't have - something that will show her that she's not dealing with a young upstart. She'll see that she's staring into the face of the best wrestler that WILD has."
Does this mean that Amanda has her sights set on taking the WILD World Championship away from Lucky O'Shea? If she succeeds, then Von Eerie will have a real challenge on her hands. But will Amanda be spreading herself too thin? Would a loss in a high-profile match to the World Champion cause her to lose her confidence?
No matter what happens, this is a really interesting story and I'll be sure to keep you all updated on it.

Until Next Time,

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