Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nominees for the OMG Moment of the Year

Los Angeles, CA. - The 2010 WILD Awards are in full swing. With only a little over a week left, we will announce the nominees for the final two categories. Here are the nominees for the OMG Moment of the Year.

1. Thunderkitty Comes From Nowhere and Wins the WILD World Championship
On August 29th, Chloe was defending her WILD World Championship at Xtreme Zone Wrestling in Apple Valley, CA. Thunderkitty had never appeared for WILD before, and was not expected to win the coveted title. Yet after a hard-fought match, as Chloe held her up for an F-5, Thunderkitty gave a rake to the eyes and rolled up Chloe for the pin and the Championship. From that point, Thunderkitty became the woman to beat in WILD, and Chloe has been conspicuously absent ever since.

2. Liz Savage Debuts and Steals a Title Shot
On September 26th, Lucky O'Shea was scheduled to wrestle against Kitana Vera at The Fit Pit in Chatsworth, CA. Kitana had to cancel leaving then-VP of Talent Relations, Jeff Meacham, to find a last-minute replacement. Out came Liz Savage, from Pinebush, NY. Lucky was unprepared for the substitute and seemed almost overwhelmed at times. However, she managed to keep her cool and seemed ready to pick up the victory and the title shot. But Liz rolled up Lucky and, with her feet on the ropes, stole the title shot away from the fiery redhead. Yet, after the match, the unpredictable Liz actually accused Lucky of being part of a "redhead conspiracy" that was supposedly keeping Liz from getting the WILD World Championship. The repercussions of this match would be felt for some time.

3. "That" Video
On October 23rd, Jeff Meacham allowed a crew from to follow him around to see what he did behind the scenes at an indy wrestling show. The resulting video polarized the internet wrestling community in a way that hadn't been seen in years. The mojrity of fans gave it very positive reviews, but many critics and wrestlers were horrified at how it "exposed the business." Meacham resigned from his duties in WILD and more than one wrestler has left the company in protest. This one incident caused waves in the company which has forced WILD into a new direction WILD.

4. The Death of Jimmy Quinn
On December 10th, at Insane Wrestling League in Chino, CA. Lucky O'Shea successfully defended her WILD World Championship against the debuting Tabitha Buck. After the match, the Champ called WILD Owner, Jimmy Quinn into the ring and began to run him down, calling him the "sleaziest" promoter she's ever worked for. She then claimed that there was one promoter who really had the potential to win over an audience and take a company to new heights. She then revealed that it was Travis Leland, not Jimmy Quinn who could do this. Travis Leland is the real name of the man who portrays Quinn. She told him it was time to stop hiding behind a character and to just be himself and trust in himself. This was a first in many ways. Travis nodded his head and the two embraced, and walked out of the ring together. It appears that "Jimmy Quinn" is now, for all intents and purposes, dead. Travis Leland is the one who will take WILD into 2011. If this wasn't an OMG moment, we don't know what is.

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