Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 WILD Warrior of the Year

Here are the nominees for WILD Warrior of the Year...

1. Chloe - The first-ever WILD World Champion got the company off to a big start, using her background in bodybuilding and experience in indy wrestling to get WILD off to a running start. Shortly after winning the title, she was profiled in Muscular Development Magazine. Her reign lasted 100 days.

2. The Fabulous Thunderkitty - The outspoken and controversial former WILD World Champion saw, came and conquered. Her hard-hitting style and "take no prisoners" attitude set her apart from a lot of the other women on the roster.

3. Lucky O'Shea - The bubbly redhead and current WILD World Champion is extremely popular with the fans. Her 5 years of experience have given her the tools to be a long-term champion, and she has the desire to hold the title for a long time. She is the current face of the company, and will be making promotional appearances and performing other duties in her capacity as the World Champion.

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