Saturday, March 17, 2012

WILD Wrestling Update

Los Angeles, CA. - Although we've been silent for a while, there are a few things coming up soon here at WILD Wrestling.

  • WILD World Champion Katarina has accepted the challenge of Shelly Martinez for a match for her coveted title. We are working out a place and time that will fit both of their busy schedules. But trust us, this match WILL happen.
  • WILD North American Champion Terra Calaway will soon be in the ring with her top contender, WSU World and WSU Spirit Champion Jessicka Havok. Last year, Havok challenged Calaway for the North American title, and has been on a huge streak ever since. Havok will make her WILD debut soon. We have scheduled this match, but are waiting to announce it at an appropriate time. Calaway, on the other hand, will make her WSU debut later this year.
  • Ashley Massaro IS STILL with WILD Wrestling. Earlier statements regarding her status with the company were erroneous. Ms. Massaro is still the Co-General Manager, and we will hear from her in the near future.
  • All our energies are being put toward the goal of having our first full card/iPPV later this year. We are hard at work to make this a reality, even though it means that other things will remain quiet while we do so. We will still have our army of WILD Minions, but we've moved that project back a few months. We believe in quality, not quantity. We would rather have one quality show per year than numerous mediocre offerings.
Until next time...


  1. I wonder what the status on the WILD European Division is like right now. So far it seems that the actual section needs work on since Britani Knight is still on there...

    1. Hopefully talent like Nikki Storm, Becky James, April Davids, Becky James, Saraya Knight, Becky James, Katarina/Winter (she is german/british after all), Aplha Female, Shanna, Carmel Jacobs, Kay Lee Ray, any of those names and more around Europe end up appearing for the division, big things are on the raise if names like this make the roster.
      Oh did I mention Becky James too? =-P