Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The State of WILD Address

Dear WILD Warriors and WILD Minions,

Over the last few days, there has been a small storm brewing, and I thought I would take this time to explain and clarify a few things, to hopefully put some peoples’ minds at ease and to take a look at what is coming up soon in WILD Wrestling. Everything I will discuss now is absolutely true, and if you do not want to “peek behind the curtain,” so to speak, then please stop reading now. But I have always made it a point never to lie to the fans, or the people who work with me to make this company a reality. So I will tell you all exactly what is going on, the good and the bad. WILD Wrestling is truly at a crossroads, and the next few months will be very interesting indeed.

Back in August, I made a risky move. Ashley Massaro contacted me and wanted to be a part of this organization. After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to bring her into WILD Wrestling in a non-wrestling capacity. She assured me that she was training regularly for her in-ring return. We spoke about having her film a lot of that training (at a very reputable and well-known wrestling school that I will not name) that I could edit into a reality show of sorts. I have always been the kind of man that gives people a chance at redemption, and although many people were advising me not to do it, I gave Miss Massaro her chance. For a few months, all was well. We spoke on the phone constantly. We had a lot of fun at our photo shoot and while filming the segment with the fan. Around the holidays, however, Miss Massaro suddenly disappeared. She had told me she was spending time over the holidays with her family. But ever since, she has not responded to any emails, text messages, phone calls, Tweets or any other messages. So I am afraid that this risky move has not paid off. I sincerely hope that Ashley Massaro is able to sort things out. I’d personally like to hear from her again, even if only on a friendly basis. Right now, however, it is time to move on without her.

This brings me to what seems to be a hot topic lately. I understand that more than one of the women listed on our website as WILD Warriors are not happy at the moment. They have been making comments in Social Media and it appears that they are concerned that they have not been booked in WILD matches recently (or some at all) and that I am, in a sense, using them as false advertising. I understand that in this business, there are a lot of shady promoters who will do all sorts of underhanded things to get people to notice their product, including making grand promises of big names who will appear, and then announcing at the last moment that the worker could not appear. I know you just have to take me at my word on this, but that is not and has never been my intention for including you on the roster. Here is how somebody becomes a WILD Warrior. Either I contact them, or they contact me. I tell them that they become part of a talent pool that I can use to book from. I tell them that at this point, the bookings are going to be few and far between, as we do not run full shows, but rather showcase matches on other promoters’ cards. But they are still there, listed as Warriors in order to make potential sponsors more interested in our product. And I always ask specifically for permission to put them on the roster page of the WILD website. I absolutely intend, when the time is right, to book full shows, utilizing the full roster of WILD Warriors. However, WILD is not in a position, financial or otherwise, to be able to do that just yet. I have made it my personal goal to run our first full card before the end of 2012. I renew that promise to all of you, Warriors and Minions, now.

Which brings me to the next point. When WILD began, we had a number of affiliate companies in Southern California. Some of those affiliates have closed shop, others have stopped working with us due to creative differences and still others have seen the value of breaking off to start their own women’s divisions. The number of promotions that recognize the WILD Championships (in America) has dwindled, making it more difficult to run on a regular basis on the West Coast.

Yet, there is some hope. We will begin working with Apex Pro starting with their third show, in just a few months’ time. We still have an arrangement with FreakShow Wrestling. We have been contacted by another company in Southern California who is interested in having WILD matches very soon. And in England, UKW is taping their TV show “UK Women’s Wrestling Gets WILD” and will be defending the WILD European Championship on their show. I am very excited about a lot of things that are being planned right now.

But here is where it gets tricky. Many people are under the misconception that WILD is a wrestling promotion. We are not. WILD is a sanctioning organization, similar to the NWA or AIWF. We hope to eventually transition into a hybrid company that still has the affiliation program while running internet pay per views under our own banner 2-3 times per year. In that way, the WILD Warriors would still get to defend the championships all over the place, but there would be a more traditional system in place as well for fans to follow. The most important thing for WILD at this point is to continue to grow. Those WILD Minions who ask “When will you come out here and have matches in my town?” need to be more proactive. Contact your local independent wrestling promotion and tell them to contact us. If they become a WILD affiliate company, then the opportunity arises to have the Warriors come to their shows. For you WILD Warriors that are wondering when we will book you in WILD-sanctioned matches, ask the promoters of the shows in your upcoming schedule to contact us. Maybe that match you are already scheduled for will become a WILD match. The best way for WILD to expand is if everybody from the fans to the workers to myself all buckle down and get the brand out there.

Until then, we have a few upcoming matches to promote...

Shelly Martinez has challenged WILD World Champion Katarina to a match. We are nearing a deal for the date, promotion and place. We will tell you all when things become more finalized.

Jessicka Havok, the WSU Spirit Champion, has challenged WILD North American Champion Terra Calaway to a match. We can tell you that this will happen at Apex Pro in the near future, but we do not yet know a date.

To sum it all up, things are moving slowly here, but they are moving. We just need to be a little more patient and proactive, taking steps toward growth, and everyone will get what they want.

Thank you all for your time, your tireless hard work, and your support. I am ever grateful.

Travis James Leland
World Independent Ladies’ Division


  1. Jessicka Havok, the WSU Spirit Champion vs WILD North American Champion Terra Calaway must happen

  2. When are you going to retracted your statement about Ashley? That girl been busting her butt on a project for the fans for April trip to England