Tuesday, January 31, 2012


WAKEFIELD, ENGLAND - UKW, the British home of the future WILD European Championship, has completed the first taping of their weekly "UK Women's Wrestling Gets WILD" TV Show. The results are below, but another major announcement has come from UKW in recent days. Sweet Saraya, legendary British female wrestler and mother of current WWE developmental wrestler Britani Knight, will be joining UKW Women's Wrestling and, therefore, WILD Wrestling.

The next tapings for "UK Women's Wrestling Gets WILD" will happen at the UKW Thunderdome in Wakefield on February 4th. The series will premiere on SkyTV Channel 219 in April.

Results from the first TV Taping.

January 22nd, 2012

1. Georgie Shaw retained the UKW Women's Championship in a match against Violet O'Hara.
2. Melanie Price was introduced as the General Manager of UKWW/WILD Europe
3. Qualifying Match #1 - Bacardi def. Rhia O'Reilly
4. Qualifying Match #2 - Viper def. Kirsty Love, but Viper continued to attack Love and the decision was reversed.
5. Qualifying Match #3 - Violet O'Hara def. Nikki Storm. Dani Brooks and Georgie Shaw tried to interfere on Storm's behalf, but the plan backfired.
6. Qualifying Match #4 - Dani Brooks def. Pollyanna by hitting her with the Championship belt while the referee was distracted by Georgie Shaw. GM Melanie Price set a tag team match for the main event of the tapings.
7. Main Event - Violet O'Hara and Pollyanna def. Georgie Shaw and Dani Brooks

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