Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Minions Will Rise!

Every day, we get many texts, emails, Tweets and so forth asking me when WILD will have a match in (name of city)? We get asked how fans can get more involved in WILD. We have been doing a lot of thinking about this recently, and we have come to some conclusions.

We have spoken at length recently about how much the fans mean to WILD Wrestling. We have been coming up with ways to make the fans a more important part of this company and we think we have found a way to do it.


You will now have a chance to join the Minions and become an official member of the WILD Fan Club. All you have to do is look to the left of the screen and find the "Join The Minions" page, then leave a comment stating your name, Facebook or Twitter account, location and the words "I'm doing MY part!" You will then be contacted by somebody giving you further instructions.


Once you become a WILD Minion, you will have the opportunity to move up in rank, from "Entrant" to "Plebe" to "Official Minion" to "Veteran Minion" to "Head Minion." To do this, you must complete certain requirements or "Missions" that will help to spread the word about WILD Wrestling to the masses. We call this "Project Mainstream" and it is your duty as a Minion to participate in it, to help WILD Wrestling take over and become the number one women's professional wrestling company in the world.


If you want WILD Wrestling to be the dominant organization we all know it can be, and if you want us to come to your local independent wrestling company, you need to help us get there. When you become a WILD Minion, you will have access to materials that you can print out to give to your local promoter. The WILD World Championship can be defended anywhere, so get it out there! The North American and European Championships are available on their respective continents as well, so you have more than one option when you want your local indie company to Go WILD.


When you become a WILD Minion, you will have access to discounts on merchandise like t-shirts, DVDs, autographed photos and even one-of-a-kind personalized video messages from your favorite WILD Warriors! And you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping a unique and exciting product grow.


Travis James Leland - Owner
Ashley Massaro - General Manager


  1. So this doesn't cost anything? It is free, right?

  2. OK. Lets make it official. I'm doing my part as a WILD Minion and have a few ideas of my own to help out. My twitter is @Desertrage78.

  3. Hey Travis!! Its Prairie Bortolin! Obviously my twitter is @PrairieBortolin. You know me and I'm from Ontario Canada. I'm doing MY part as a WILD Minion. Love, ur #1 supporter!!

  4. I love what you guys are doing so now "I'm doing my part". I'm RJ Dorn from Waddell, Arizona. My twitter is @CMPunkfan55

  5. Athens, Oh (area) I'm doing MY part as a WILD minion. Stephen Marsh. @wildfanclub

  6. "I'm doing my part" Adam Wolf you'll reconise the twitter @GWWolf7 and im from a hellhole called redditch... loads of green here.. its near birmingham in england :)

  7. I'm Billie-Ingrid Brighterrs, @BillieLovesKatW - Previously BillieLuvsSacha but I changed my name for the new year. I'm doing MY part for WILD because it is obviously the one and only independent wrestling company that I would do anything for! I love WILD SO much and this Minion is from Stoke-On-Trent in England, UK. Ask Winter, she'll probably know where it is, or you can look it up on a map but to make your lives easier, just say I'm from Manchester, England.

  8. I would love to do this! But I might have trouble finding Local Promotions here in Drexel Hill. My name is Obv Meagan and my twitter name is @MeaganG1990

    1. I forgot I'm doing my part