Saturday, December 24, 2011

WILDAwards Nominees - WILD Warrior of the Year!

Here are the nominees for the WILDAward for "WILD Warrior of the Year" As always, vote for your favorite in the poll on the left.

1. Allison Danger - The SHIMMER standout came roaring into WILD, challenging then-WILD World Champion Amanda to a title match in Las Vegas. One of the most respected and feared women in the industry, she made no bones about her intention to become the WILD World Champion on her first match for the company. But in doing so, she refused a match against Buggy Nova, who fans had voted to see as Danger's first match. Buggy is still upset about that, nearly a year later. Amanda was unable to appear at the show, and quit WILD shortly after, leading people to wonder if Danger intimidated her to the breaking point. Either way, the addition of Allison Danger to the WILD Roster brought some attention our way, and it seems she followed through with her promise to "put WILD on the map."

2. Lucky O'Shea - The longest-reigning WILD World Champion, Lucky O'Shea dominated the early part of 2011. Every challenger fell to her, as she had strong showings against Thunderkitty and Tab Jackson. But her defining feud as champion was against "The Bloodthirsty Vixen" Amanda. After falling to Amanda in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match at IWL in January, Lucky forced WILD Owner to nullify the title change by revealing that Amanda was transgendered and therefore unable to hold the WILD World Championship. Months later, Amanda was reinstated and allowed to compete for the title, which she finally did, defeating Lucky in April for the coveted belt. But during her reign, Lucky O'Shea was dominant and brought a lot of visibility and controversy to the WILD World Championship.

3. Tab Jackson - The former "Tabitha Buck" was a mainstay in WILD in 2011. She was involved in many of the best matches of the year, including a fantastic WILD World Championship Match in Las Vegas against Winter. She started the year mostly unknown outside of Southern California, but made a name for herself in great bouts against Aiden Riley and then-World Champion Lucky O'Shea. Winter handpicked Tab to be her first WILD opponent, and a few months later it happened in Las Vegas for the vacant title. Although the underdog lost the match, she nearly had it won on numerous occasions. Tab Jackson embodies the best of WILD; she is a young upstart who wants to make a name for herself and works hard to put on the best matches she can against the best competition. That is what WILD is all about.

4. Terra Calaway - Another new face to indy wrestling, Terra Calaway shot from obscurity to being a household name in 2011. Although she got a lot of work outside of WILD, she made perhaps her biggest splash with us. She substituted for the absent Amanda in a losing effort against the debuting Allison Danger, showing her determination and guts. Later, she won the LuchaPro Women's Championship in a match against Amanda, which she defended numerous times against the best women in SoCal. After leaving LuchaPro while still champion, WILD sanctioned the belt as the WILD North American Championship. She defeated Buggy in a controversial bout to earn a shot at Winter's WILD World Championship in December, which resulted in a Match of the Year candidate as Terra refused to tap out, instead passing out in an extremely painful submission maneuver as an example of her heart and desire. Outside of WILD, Terra has become a popular name, often making radio appearances and writing a weekly column for Her star has risen so quickly and so brightly that WSU Spirit Champion Jessicka Havok has challenged Terra for the WILD North American Championship in early 2012.

5. Winter - The former WWE Diva and current TNA/Impact Wrestling Knockout came to WILD in February, looking for a good opponent. She found one in Tab Jackson. Months later, the vacant WILD World Championship was up for grabs. WILD Owner Travis Leland randomly picked two names out of a hat to compete in a "Luck of the Draw" match for it. Tab Jackson was picked, as was Shelly Martinez. Shelly was unable to appear, and the next named pulled from the hat was... Winter. In Las Vegas, Winter defeated Tab to become the WILD World Champion, just two days before winning the TNA Knockouts Championship on Pay Per View. She has been the Knockouts Champion twice, but has not yet lost the WILD World Championship. In December, Winter defeated Terra Calaway in one of the most watched matches in WILD history. Winter defeated Terra by pulling her up under a chair into a camel clutch, causing the "Vegas Vixen" to pass out, giving Winter the win by, fittingly, Knockout. She will begin 2012 as the reigning WILD World Champion, and we expect to see much more from her in the next year.

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