Saturday, October 15, 2011


Los Angeles, CA. - New WILD General Manager, Ashley Massaro, made her first major announcement this evening via her official Twitter account, @ashleymassaro11.

"Ok I'm about to announce my 1st major act as the GM of @WILD_Wrestling !!
After thinking long n hard n many talks with Travis [Leland, Owner of WILD Wrestling] we've come to an agreement that's going to be big for WILD and all involved!
Although the WILD Championship is one of the most coveted titles in Women's Wrestling, I think maybe it's too early to call it a
World Championship since it's never been out of the Western US. I've been trying to fix that, so I came up w a plan
I've contacted many promoters outside the US and a bunch in the UK have agreed to become affiliates of WILD that will run not only run the
WILD World Championship will be seen there soon but I am establishing the WILD European Championship which will be contested thru out that
Continent very soon! The list of European WILD affiliates will be posted online very soon. I've also been busy talking to Terra Calaway
And I am nearing a date and time for the WILD World Championship title match between Winter and Terra and I will make that announcement soon.
So now Winter is the WILD World Champion, Terra Calaway is the North American Champion, and we will soon have a European Champion!
I'm excited. Travis is excited. Things are looking great for the World Independent Ladies' Division! #SupportWILD"

So the entire landscape of this company has been changed. We now have not only a World Champion, but two new titles of equal importance to each other: a North American Championship AND a European Championship that will be seen in the United Kingdom soon!

When Ashley became the General Manager of WILD, she promised to make big changes - and boy, has she! What do you think of this historic announcement? Leave a comment below and tell us!


  1. I have ALWAYS been a fan of Ashley and i'm happy to see her involved with wrestling again!

    But 3 major titles for a company thats not that well known yet...i think thats a bit much right out of the gate, but thats just me! I will always support Ashley though!

  2. Ashley for champ ! As

  3. Ashley for champ !Ashley for champ !

  4. Ashley for champ ! Ashley for champ ! She's the #1.


  6. Ashley Nova, Buggy MassaroJuly 1, 2012 at 8:01 PM

    Ashley Is smart enough to make big and good changes In the company, She Rocks!