Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sexiest WILD Warrior 2010

Here are the Nominees for "Sexiest WILD Warrior, 2010"

1. Lucky O'Shea - Lucky brings a hometown "girl next door" cuteness to WILD. Her fiery red hair and deep blue eyes help her stand out in this group of beautiful women.

2. Lizzy Valentine - Recently voted #6 on the list of 100 Hottest Wrestling Divas. She beat out every TNA Knockout and every female indy wrestler. Only 5 WWE Divas scored higher on the list. When not in the ring, Lizzy has recently been working on her pole dancing skills. She is the woman to beat on this list.

3. Nikki - "The New York Knockout" has a unique look and style that she uses to disarm the men just as quickly as she takes down the women. Her tough, "take no prisoners" attitude and quiet confidence make her a street smart kind of sexy.

4. Kiara Dillon - Sweet and sassy, Kiara takes over a room when she walks in. She has bombshell looks, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She will make a big impact in WILD in 2011.

5. Chloe - A former WILD World Champion, Chloe has a physique unlike anyone else on the roster. A fitness and bodybuilding competitor when not wrestling, Chloe has worked hard to give herself a near-perfect body.
6. Christina Von Eerie - "The Punk Rock Princess" has been tearing up the Squared Circle for a while now, and her alternative look and style have contributed to her success. CVE is a force to be reckoned with in and out of the ring, where she is the frontwoman of a punk/horror band. But she does have a softer side, which is on display below.

7. Amanda - Mysterious, dark, talented and undeniably sexy, "The Bloodthirsty Vixen" has been wowing audiences with her lucha libre moves and looks.


  1. Lizzy Valentine will win as she is by far the hottest girl in Wild Wrestling :)

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