Saturday, November 20, 2010

News, Notes and Rumors

By: Steve Jameson

* It's been a crazy month for WILD Wrestling. There have been a lot of positives and more than a couple of negatives. Now that things are settling down, I hear that WILD Owner Jimmy Quinn wants to take the company in a different direction. I overheard him talking on the phone about how he wants to improve the in-ring product while also pushing the envelope in a few ways. He said something about "less PG" and something about "a new attitude" in 2011. It remains to be seen what he meant by that, but I'm pretty sure that means WILD will be living up to it's name in the near future.
* Christina Von Eerie and Amanda are still chomping at the bit to resolve the issues that broke out between them at IWL's "Sicko Sircus" show, back in September. Von Eerie has been spending a lot of time away from Southern California, doing work in Mexico and Florida. Amanda has spent a lot of time recently on the road in New York and elsewhere on the East Coast. When will their schedules permit them to finally step into the ring together and finally work out their differences?

* My sources are telling me that the higher-ups are very pleased with WILD World Champion Lucky O'Shea. When a lot of the craziness happened last month, Lucky stayed positive and gave her support to the company and gave ideas to Quinn and the others. On top of that, the fans have been very vocal in their feelings about the World Champion. And they like her...a lot! I'm pretty sure she will be the breakout star of WILD in 2011.

* The "Expand The Brand" campaign is kicking into high gear. We are trying to get 500 followers on Twitter (@WILD_Wrestling) and 500 fans on our Facebook Group by January 1st. So please tell all the fans of pro and indy wrestling that you know about WILD. Let's get the word out and grow the company in 2011!

Until Next Time,
Steve Jameson

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