Monday, November 15, 2010

Expand the Brand

We at WILD Wrestling are on our Winter hiatus (what we like to call our "long winter's nap"), but we are not idle. We are busy planning the next year of the World Independent Ladies' Division! We project that 2011 will be a breakout year for our company, as we strive to bring the finest in professional women's wrestling to our fans.

But we need your help to "expand the brand" by letting everyone you know in on the exciting changes here at WILD. We have set a goal to get more followers and fans by January 1st, 2011. We need you all to help us get to 500 followers at our official Twitter @WILD_Wrestling and 500 fans on our Facebook Group,

So please ReTweet, send suggestions and or just call up and tell your extended social networks about all the happenings at WILD Wrestling. It is for you that we do this and it is because of your support that we continue to do it.

Thank you, WILDWorld!

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