Monday, November 15, 2010


Los Angeles, CA - We are currently redesigning certain aspects of the WILD website. We will relaunch it in 2011 with new content and features. All the old posts are gone. The 2010 season had its ups and downs, and in 2011, we will be re-debuting with a whole new attitude.

First up is our "Expand the Brand" campaign where we want you fans - WILDOnes - to help spread the word about the World Independent Ladies' Division. Hop on your Facebook and link to us. Head over to Twitter and follow us @WILD_Wrestling. Write to various wrestling media outlets like and and get them to cover WILD. We thrive on the support of fans, and now is your chance to show everyone you know exactly why WILD will someday be the premier all-women's wrestling company.

Next is our expansion into DVD and Pay-To-Download content. We are working on our first official DVD release "WILD, vol. 1: Into the WILD." It is a compilation of all the content from the 2010 season, including never-before-seen extras and other features. We will also be bringing all of our matches to you on ClickWrestle is the best site for finding footage of pro wrestling. Not only will you find WILD, but a lot of other independent wrestling promotions as well. We hope you support all indy wrestling.

We also have merchandise for sale now through our store at You can get t-shirts, sweaters, coffee mugs, water bottles and a whole lot more.

So help us make 2011 a breakout year for the World Independent Ladies' Division! Help us "Expand the Brand" and support us as we bring you the very best in women's wrestling today!

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