Friday, March 30, 2012


LOS ANGELES, CA. - It seems there is a major pro wrestling, erm, sports-entertainment show on this weekend. Most everyone wants to see it. But you know what? It's pretty expensive. It is also the time of year that people who are only casual fans of this industry start to watch more. So this is the perfect opportunity to show your friends, family and anyone else who you deem worthy what WILD Wrestling is all about.

Last year, WILDMania was a playlist of every match, promo, etc. in WILD's history in chronological order. This year, in order to get through that, you would have to sit in front of your computer for quite some time. So we decided to try something different. We asked different people what their favorite WILD match is and why. We have asked some of the people who work behind the scenes. We have spoken to a few die-hard fans and Minions. Even the WILD Warriors have chimed in (they were not allowed to pick their own matches).

So all this weekend, we will be presenting the hand-picked favorite matches as WILDMania II.

Stay tuned and spread the word.

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