Sunday, July 24, 2011


LOS ANGELES, CA. - A new competitor in the "Luck of the Draw" match for the vacant WILD World Championship has been found. After Shelly Martinez pulled out from the match, due to a booking conflict, WILD Owner Travis Leland threw the names of all the remaining WILD Warriors back into the now-famous top hat and after mixing them up, drew Winter's name.

What makes this interesting is that earlier this year, Winter scouted WILD Warriors Tab Jackson and Aiden Riley at a WILD match for IWL in Chino, CA. At that time, Winter said she wanted Tab to be her first opponent in WILD competition. Amazingly, through the luck of the draw, that match is now a reality.

"Your Beautiful Nightmare" has her sights set on two major titles this week as she takes on Tab Jackson in Las Vegas for the WILD World Championship, then challenges Mickie James for the TNA/Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship days later at that promotion's "Hardcore Justice" Pay-Per-View. Can she finish the week as a double champion?

Not if Tab Jackson has anything to say about it.

The "Luck of the Draw" stipulation holds that the type of match will be pulled out from a hat moments before the match begins.

The WILD World Championship match will happen at FREAkSHOwWRESTLINg 4 on Thursday, August 4th at 8:00 PM. The venue is at 6658 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, Nevada. Tickets to the show are only $10

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