Saturday, July 9, 2011

WILD World Championship Match Set For 8/4!

Las Vegas, NV. - WILD Owner Travis Leland has been working with numerous ideas on how to determine which two WILD Warriors would compete for the vacant World Championship. There were thoughts of having a tournament. No tournament format, however, was satisfactory. Leland thought of compiling win/loss records or finding where the Warriors ranked on lists like the PWI Female 50 or the Respect 50.

Eventually, one of his trusted advisors jokingly commented that "it would be easier to just draw names out of a hat." After the laughter subsided, Leland began to think about it.

"It was actually a pretty good idea," Leland said later. "WILD has always prided itself on giving relatively unknown women a chance to shine. Most of the WILD Warriors had little exposure outside of California, so one of my reasons for starting the company was to push them to new audiences.

"There have been four World Champions in the 14 months since I founded WILD. None of them have ever held a championship before. It wasn't how it was planned. It just worked out that way. So in the spirit of giving everyone an equal opportunity, I thought 'why not?' Why not just throw the names of every WILD Warrior into a hat and draw two names at random. It levels the playing field. It doesn't play favorites. It would be easy to just give the opportunity to two former champions or one of the more well-traveled women on the roster. But that would hold down some of the people that have been here since the beginning and given a lot for this company."

So Leland went with the idea. And here are the results...

So it's set. The vacant WILD World Championship will be awarded to the winner of the match on August 4th in Las Vegas at FREAkSHOwWRESTLINg. Good luck to both Tab and Shelly in their quest for the gold.

By the way, it appears that our history is repeating itself. Neither Shelly Martinez nor Tab Jackson has ever held a women's championship.

Thursday, August 4th, 2011.
FSW Arena - 6658 Boulder Hwy. Las Vegas, NV.

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