Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday WILD!

Los Angeles, CA. - Yesterday, May 22nd, was the first birthday of the World Independent Ladies' Division. It was on 5/22/2010 that Chloe defeated "Krazy" Kiara Dillon for the WILD World Championship in the first-ever WILD match at Pro Wrestling Uprising in Highland, CA.

"It's amazing to think what we've done in just one year," said WILD Owner Travis Leland. "We've become a recognizable brand and produced some of the most talked about moments not just in Southern California, but in all of women's wrestling."

In just 365 days, WILD became a force in women's wrestling, with thousands of unique hits to the website every month, and the WILD World Championship has been defended in seven indy wrestling companies in California, with our Las Vegas debut later this week.

"This next year will be important," said Leland. "Now we've got momentum, we've got recognition and we've got a lot of unfinished business. Year two will be about taking things to the next level and giving more people the chance to see the WILD Warriors in action."

When pressed into talking about future plans, Leland didn't want to say too much.

"Maybe full shows. Maybe an internet pay-per-view. We're just kicking around ideas at this time, nothing finalized yet. We're concentrating on the match between Allison Danger and Amanda on Thursday and on the release of the DVD. But there are a lot of opportunities available to us. We just have to pick the right ones."

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