Sunday, April 3, 2011

WILDMania 2011!

Los Angeles, CA. - Okay, so maybe that title is a little misleading. But quite a few independent wrestling companies are offering alternative programming to tonight's big Pay-Per-View, so we thought we'd get in on it.

Today, we are putting up the URLs to every WILD match in history, along with some interesting promos. Hours and hours worth of World Independent Ladies' Division action FREE for those of you who aren't ordering the big show tonight.

This is a good way for new fans to get caught up on our history and for longtime WILD fans to refresh their memories.

So, in chronological order...

5/22/2010 - Chloe vs. "Krazy" Kiara Dillon:
5/22/2010 - Chloe meets Amanda:

6/6/2010 - Chloe vs. Nikki (with Lizzy Valentine):

8/29/2010 - Chloe vs. Thunderkitty:
8/29/2010 - Chloe's post-match comments:
8/29/2010 - Nikki calls out Thunderkitty:

9/05/2010 - Val Venis goes WILD:
9/05/2010 - "Krazy" Kiara Dillon pre-match comments:
9/05/2010 - Thunderkitty vs. "Krazy" Kiara Dillon:

9/10/2010 - Nikki vs. Amanda (2010 MotY):
9/10/2010 - Amanda and Katie post-match comments:
9/10/2010 - Nikki's post-match comments:
9/10/2010 - Christina Von Eerie's comments:

9/26/2010 - Lucky O'Shea vs. Liz Savage:
9/26/2010 - Lizzy Valentine interviews Liz Savage:
9/26/2010 - Lizzy Valentine interviews Lucky O'Shea:

10/10/2010 - Is Thunderkitty Avoiding Nikki?:
10/10/2010 - Thunderkitty vs. Liz Savage: (not online yet- Thunderkitty wins)
10/10/2010 - Thunderkitty's post-match comments:

10/23/2010 - Thunderkitty vs. Liz Savage vs. Lucky O'Shea:
10/23/2010 - Post-match interviews:

12/9/2010 - Lizzy Valentine at a Pole Dancing Competition:
12/9/2010 - Lizzy is voted "Sexiest WILD Warrior 2010":

12/10/2010 - Lucky O'Shea vs. Tabitha Buck:

1/16/2011 - Lucky O'Shea vs. Amanda: (Footage lost. Lucky wins in non-title match)

1/21/2011 - Lucky O'Shea vs. Amanda:
1/21/2011 - Travis Leland and Amanda talk backstage:

2/25/2011 - Aiden Riley vs. Tabitha Buck (Winter debuts):


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